The EMV and EMVT vertical emulsifier: designed for high viscosity fluids

These cream emulsifiers have been designed to achieve emulsions and dispersions that require a high level of shear. They are designed to work with fluids that have especially high viscosities (up to 20,000 cP), achieving a fine and smooth final product.

It is also important to highlight that their plugging system enables operation in non-atmospheric conditions, without the need to use an externally cooled mechanical seal. The head and rotor design ensure a high degree of sanitation. All the elements and parts of this equipment are characterised by their simplicity, a factor that greatly facilitates any maintenance work.

In order for everyone to understand, EMV emulsifiers have been developed to work with products that are difficult to mix, thanks to the fact that their heads are capable of adapting to the needs of each application, always guaranteeing maximum performance and the best results.

How does this InoxMIM vertical cream emulsifier work?

The action and the force of the impeller generates a radial impulsion of the product towards the slots of the head, leading to shearing and grinding.  Once the product has passed through the stator holes, it is projected and released into the mixture, causing the fluid to circulate inside the tank.

In what industrial applications is this fluid emulsion and mixing equipment commonly used?

  • Emulsion of creams, mayonnaise and sauces.
  • Dissolution of sugars, salts, gases or resins
  • Homogenisation of bulk containers (IBCs)
  • Dissolution of powders, gums, thickening agents

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