Guaranteeing the efficiency of a centrifugal pump is essential in production processes, since they play a fundamental role, regardless of the industrial sector in which we look. An efficient centrifugal pump can be the differential of an optimal production, since these machines have a determining role in the power of the productive units.

At InoxMIM we are a company with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of these devices, guaranteeing their durability and optimal performance for the food, cosmetics or chemical industry sectors, among others. 

In this article, we present the aspects related to the efficiency of a centrifugal pump, which you must consider obtaining the highest possible return.

The function of the centrifugal pump within the production process

In the first instance, the centrifugal pumps are responsible for transferring the liquid within the industrial machinery for the generation of hydraulic energy. In this way, they are significant within any production process, so that the manufacture of goods does not depend exclusively on other, more expensive forms of energy.

Thus, this is not only a safe mechanism to generate energy, but it is also cheaper than other ways that require more resources. However, centrifugal pumps may have other features that are different from those usually attributed to them. In this context, these pumps can also be used to generate cooling, drainage and irrigation processes for industrial systems, which gives them wide versatility with high performance. Therefore, a centrifugal pump will be truly efficient as long as it is given the recommended uses, and under the safety parameters stipulated by the manufacturer and the subsequent recommendations.

Regarding the latter, it is relevant to point out that industrial safety guarantees not only the integrity of the centrifugal pumps, but also that of the rest of the components of the production system.

centrifugal pump efficiency

¿What factors determine the efficiency of a centrifugal pump?

centrifugal pump efficiency

For a centrifugal pump to be considered efficient, it must meet a fairly simple premise: transform a higher percentage of mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, in relation to its input and output power. In addition, considering the various applications that these devices have, it is crucial to highlight that centrifugal pumps can achieve high efficiency, both with conventional liquids and with other viscous materials, depending on the nature of the company that installs them.

However, its efficiency does not depend solely on the result of a simple physical formula, but must strictly comply with the pre-established conditions in the industrial sector, so as not to cause accelerated wear of the pumps. Consequently, by applying volumes that do not oversize the hydraulic conversion apparatus, a higher energy cost will be avoided in the operation of the pumps and, therefore, in their useful life.

¿What efficiency limits are handled in centrifugal pumps?

The usual limits of effectiveness in centrifugal pumps are estimated from 55%. However, the ideal parameter is to reach 94% efficient work on these devices. 

This largely depends on the industrial application to which the pumps are intended, and the time elapsed after their installation, since the natural wear and tear of operation leads to a reduction in efficiency.

Therefore, centrifugal pumps must be properly certified for proper long-term operation so that companies have a reliability backing around their performance. The efficiency limits are duly corresponding to the quality controls to which these pumps are subject.

centrifugal pump efficiency

¿Why choose InoxMIM centrifugal pumps?

The quality standards in the industry are what ensure that a device works correctly and is efficient. Mainly, this is the reason we stand out at InoxMIM, since as one of the most efficient centrifugal pump manufacturers in Spain and through FLUIDMIM, we have the best qualified engineers to achieve the highest performance quotas in the market.

With ISO validations and quality certificates from Spain, our centrifugal pumps are guaranteed to be an efficient device that complies with the respective operating and safety conditions. And you can confirm this not only with our efficient centrifugal pumps, but also with the rest of the industrial implements that we design and manufacture. Under this premise, at InoxMIM we carry strict control over the development of our centrifugal pumps so that our customers can obtain the best products at an excellent price and with the features that this type of high caliber device must have.

centrifugal pump efficiency

Whether for the food, cosmetics or chemical industries, our centrifugal pumps provide high efficiency in fluid handling and the energy transformation that your company requires. If you need any clarification, you can call us at +34 972 58 20 40, or write to our email