Industrial agitators are commonly used in installations where there are tanks or process tanks for liquids and where a rotary movement inside the vessel is required for the implementation of various physical processes.

They are used in mixing tanks or reactors. Agitation equipment generally consists of a cylindrical vessel (closed or open) and a mechanical stirrer, mounted on a shaft and driven by an electric motor.
An agitator consists of an electric motor, a lance, or shaft, mechanical seal and propellers. Depending on the geometry of the tank and the needs of the process, agitators can be mounted vertically, horizontally or submerged. The choice of agitator must be made according to the required application.

Features of industrial agitators

The agitators can be used throughout industry. They have the characteristic of being the key tools for any type of product agitation, whether it is a suspension of solids, a homogenization of liquids, a complex chemical reaction, etc.

They are also common for carrying out processes to obtain adhesives, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceutical products, resins and paints, among many other applications.

There are different types of industrial agitators, from horizontal agitators, vertical agitators, tanks, portable, lateral, fixed mounting, etc.

Industrial agitators for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics sector 

In InoxMIM, we offer you the best possible guarantees when investing in industrial machinery. We are manufacturers of industrial agitators with a wide and extensive experience in the development of new systems, equipment, and technologies.

On the other hand, our engineers work with state-of-the-art management systems and software. These new systems work by parametric and fluid generation programmes. We always guarantee the best solution for each of your processes, with special attention to the field of vertical agitation, but with the possibility of choosing other types of equipment such as lateral agitators, blenders, emulsifiers, etc.

Features of INOXMIM industrial agitators 

As manufacturers of industrial machinery, our agitation and mixing equipment offers you different sealing solutions to guarantee a perfect seal, thus preventing possible leaks of your product, as well as gases and other problems that may be caused by the production.
In addition, we can design special agitation equipment, lifting systems, integrated joint pumping and mixing solutions, CIP cleaning equipment and many other products specifically designed for your industry.
As a machine manufacturer, we consider it important to explain industry-specific design as well as the development of customized units specifically for your industry, as machine design is part of our DNA.

Advantages and applications of industrial agitators 

Apart from the design of tailor-made process plants and the specific creation of machines such as industrial agitators, we also offer our pasteurization and heat treatment lines for the food industry.

On the other hand, we also have specialized machinery for the manufacture of production units for cosmetic creams or sauces, as well as for the industrial production of pharmaceuticals and chemicals of various kinds.

  • Automatic pasteurizers

  • Semi-automatic pasteurizers HTST

  • Electric HTST pasteurizers

  • Product maturers

  • Product fermenters

  • Automatic or mobile CIP cleaning equipment

  • Vacuum stirring and mixing reactors for all types of sauces and creams

  • Brine preparation units

But we can go even further. Depending on your requirements, we manufacture special stirring equipment, lifting systems, integrated pumping and mixing solutions, filtration and cleaning equipment, as well as a wide range of possibilities to facilitate the set-up of your specific industrial process.

Vertical agitators MD / MDN 

montaje de agitadores industriales verticales

For example, our MD/MDN vertical agitators with direct motor have been designed for the preparation of reagents in small volume tanks. These models are characterized by being basic, very compact agitators, with high-performance and low weight, making them ideal for direct coupling to PEHD tanks.

The connection system between the motor and the shaft through a coupling sleeve facilitates maintenance tasks. The interchangeability of the agitation components gives these units great versatility and adaptability to the agitation requirements.

The MD and MDN can be used for dilutions, dilutions, homogenizations, and agitation of mixtures due to the high rotational speed of the drive element.

LMD / LECO Lateral agitator

On the other hand, among our multiple types of agitators that we offer, we would like to show you our LMD/LECO lateral agitator, especially indicated for the maintenance and mixing of products in medium and large volume tanks. Both models are installed in the lower part of the tank with the appropriate inclination to obtain the optimum mixing regime.

With the same objective in mind, the shaft length, diameter, and type of propeller are selected. All this, together with the shaft sealing system by a mechanical seal, allows these agitators to offer high-performance and great durability.

montaje de agitadores industriales
Their characteristics allow them to be used in the chemical, water treatment, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, simply by varying their final finish. The LMD and LECO can work with brines, oils, acids, and other chemical products, flocculants, thickeners, colourings and flavourings, spirits, wines and liqueurs, whey, yeasts, sugars, etc.
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