Vertical agitators to cover the majority of applications within the food industry sector

At InoxMIM we have a high degree of expertise in the field of vertical agitation, with special emphasis on the maintenance of finished products, as well as thermal exchanges. We are a point of reference in this field and in our catalogue, you will find models of different sizes starting from 50 litres.

industrial agitators for the food industry

You will find all types of vertical agitators: fast with direct motor, slow with geared motor… all of them with multiple varieties of propellers according to the requirements of each application, type of product and tank geometry. In short, thanks to their special features and configurations, we can cover the vast majority of applications within the food industry.

Their low price, but high performance, reliability and low maintenance requirements, make our agitators one of the best options on the market.

We have several models available:

  • MD / MDN agitators: these can be used for dilutions, dissolutions, homogenizations, and agitation of mixtures thanks to the high rotational speed of the driving element. These agitators are mainly used in water treatment, but also in the food industry.

  • SB / SBR / SBN agitators: these provide a high degree of agitation in small volume tanks. Thanks to their compact design and simple clamping system, they are ideal for agitation in open tanks, for the dispersion of reagents, dispersion of powders and maintenance of mixtures.

  • VAI / VSI / VDI / VSIN stirrers: ideal for the preparation of reagents, the main feature of this equipment is the built-in reinforcement turret system, which substantially extends the life of the motor as well as allows a longer shaft length.

  • VMD / VMR stirrers: the dissolution of sugar (in milk, wine, juices, etc.), cocoa powder, reagents, salt in water, calcium hydroxide, etc. These are just some of their applications. Their properties allow the use of a wide variety of impellers, enabling them to work with highly viscous products with a tendency to form lumps or those that are difficult to mix.

  • VCI / VCIN agitators: the interchangeability of agitation components and the specific selection of the ideal configuration for each process make these vertical agitators widely used in water treatment, the food industry and especially in the dairy sector.

  • GFL / GFLE agitators: in the food sector these can be used in the production of dairy desserts, cream for liqueurs, juices, gazpacho, chocolate, etc.

  • Tandem stirrers: capable of adapting to the requirements of each system, making them essential equipment in the food industry.

If you are looking for customized machinery, we will carefully study the needs of your production plant to offer you a tailor-made solution. Our job is to offer you a leap into the future in terms of productivity, process quality, safety at work or energy efficiency. If you would like to contact one of our sales representatives to request a quote, call us on (+34) 972 58 20 40, email or take a moment to fill in the following form, we will be delighted to assist you!