All about our wide range of pumps

In the InoxMIM catalogue, you can find stainless centrifugal pumps of the best quality. Over the years, industrial machinery, both for the manufacture of food products, and the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, has advanced greatly, and InoxMIM is among one of the leading manufacturers of stainless centrifugal pumps thanks to its vast experience in improving pumping mechanisms.

For this, we have a wide range of models of industrial pumps: centrifugal, helical, liquid ring, progressive cavity, gear, flexible impeller, lobe or peristaltic. All of them offer high-performance pumping solutions and guarantee maximum quality, we also have them available in various sizes, thus adapting to the requirements of each production.

All our stainless centrifugal pumps are certified by ISO 9001, always complying with the guidelines required for each product by the CE, FDA, ATEX and 3A certification regulations, depending on the model and application.

We manufacture pumps and agitation equipment to measure

As manufacturers of complete pumping and agitation solutions, it is important to explain that the design and development of custom units is something that InoxMIM is a pioneer, as it is something we have been doing since we started in the world of industrial machinery manufacturing more than twenty years ago. 

Throughout all this time, we have made and installed all kinds of mixing and pumping equipment that have been adapted to an immense variety of applications and industrial plants, all always with the desire to find the best possible solution for each of our customers.

stainless centrifugal pump

Stainless centrifugal pumps

Next, we will detail some stainless centrifugal pumps that we have, which are always supervised by our team of expert engineers who are responsible for guaranteeing the best possible solution for each client, meeting their expectations and needs as quickly and optimally as possible.

stainless centrifugal pump

Stainless peristaltic centrifugal pumps FL-P

This pump allows the treatment of fluids without abruptness, since there are no mechanical parts in direct contact with the fluid to be processed, regardless of its degree of viscosity. It is suitable for working with liquid or semi-solid products, since the only contact of the product with the pump is through the tube.

Stainless Lobe Centrifugal Pumps FL-PRL

They are made of stainless steel and are especially suitable for pumping high viscosity liquids, which makes them ideal for the treatment of dairy products such as condensed milk and cheeses, as well as the preparation of sauces, creams, wort, honey processing. The parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, and the joints are made of EPDM.

stainless centrifugal pump
stainless centrifugal pump

Stainless Helical Centrifugal Pumps FL–ERB

FL–ERB stainless steel helical pumps have been specifically designed for the pumping of fluids that require special care in their transfer. Products such as wines, musts, oils, juices, chemicals, etc.

They are also suitable for pumping fluids that require special care in their transfer such as pastes, creams, musts, molasses, sludge, chemicals, etc. For what they have been specially designed.

InoxMIM has designed this equipment with the aim of optimizing the transfer of fluids with a tendency to cake and form vaults because they incorporate a screw and feeder system, which prevents the formation of channels and favours the solid-liquid mixture.

FL–RF stainless-steel impeller centrifugal pumps

The FL-RF flexible impeller pumps have been designed to be able to work in both directions of travel and are characterized by being self-suctioning.

Thanks to the wide variety of materials of the impeller allow the handling and transfer of a wide variety of products such as wine, dairy products and oils. 

In addition, they can work with products with high viscosity such as cosmetics, jams, syrups and liquids containing solid or gaseous particles.

stainless centrifugal pump

Why is it worth trusting InoxMIM stainless centrifugal pumps?

Like all sectors, the manufacturing of industrial machinery is also experiencing changes and trends, and for InoxMIM it is important to be up-to-date to offer them what best suits their demands.

Following trends, we create machinery that adapts to consumer demands, and help you streamline the processes that this entails, without having to increase the cost of your final product.

We are backed by more than twenty years of hard work in which we have achieved that innovation is not at odds with design because we know that efficiency is significant, as is simplicity, comfort, and the use of durable materials.

If you are interested in any of our pumps, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. Call us at +34 972 58 20 40 or if you prefer write to us at