Main features of SB SBR and SBN Portable Vertical Industrial Agitators 

At InoxMIM we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing industrial agitators. Within our extensive catalogue you will find the SB, SBR and SBN portable vertical industrial agitators. These acronyms refer to the equipment’s drive, which can have a “direct motor” (SB), “gear motor” (SBR) or “pneumatic motor” (SBN). They are perfect for working on small and open tanks. They have a clamp that allows them to be fixed to the wall of the tank and graduated according to the level of liquid in the tank. We have developed simple models or models with PVC coating and various protective coatings, which make them ideal for working at high temperatures or with chemicals.

agitadores industriales verticales portátiles

What are some of the defining features of this type of vertical industrial agitator?

They have a compact and simple design with a special clamp for operating in open tanks, dispersion of reagents or powders and mixture maintenance. The marine type propeller features a reinforcement turret which strengthens it and facilitates longer shaft lifespan. This generally prolongs the motor’s life and improves performance.

They are commonly used for water treatment in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We have developed a specific transmission system that works with a semi-shaft. This facilitates the interchangeability of agitator elements when working with different tanks or industrial applications. It allows us to obtain high-quality sanitation. 

It can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, is portable and very lightweight.

agitadores industriales verticales portátiles
agitadores industriales verticales portátiles

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