In the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, there are numerous engineering services that help to facilitate the tasks of industrial projects within the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

At InoxMIM we offer you the most suitable services and tools for your industrial project, such as our liquid ring pumps, designed for transferring clean fluids, without solid particles in suspension.

This type of pump is self-priming and reversible, making it ideal for handling a wide range of products in sectors such as oenology and oil. From wine, must, vinegar and oil to other products from the dairy sector, such as milk and whey, they are perfect for the liquid ring pump. They are also particularly suitable for the chemical industry, as they work with all kinds of acids, solvents, detergents, and inks.

Main functions of a liquid ring pump

Liquid ring pumps are used in chemical process technology as well as in a wide variety of applications. They are considered to be the vacuum system generators better than all others in all branches of industry.

In their fields of application, vacuum pumps have remained until now an absolute necessity in production, especially liquid ring vacuum pumps, as they are the favourites in a long list of industrial sectors.

Operation of a liquid ring pump

Liquid ring vacuum pumps use water or a liquid that is compatible with the gas or vapour to be evacuated. Ethylene glycol, mineral oils, organic solvents and other liquids may also be used.

The principle of action of the liquid ring pump is the same in all sizes and versions, which is why we guarantee the best solution for every industrial process, from vertical agitation to side agitators, blenders, emulsifiers, etc.

Features of liquid ring pumps

Due to the fluid, this mechanism is used in an approximate vacuum range. The achievable vacuum level depends on the vapour pressure of the working fluid.

This is constantly pumped through the length and width of the vacuum pump, allowing it to operate at low temperatures and keeping the temperature rise of the medium to a minimum during the compression process.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are therefore ideal for pumping vapours and gases with high humidity values. However, the low temperatures of the vacuum pump facilitate the condensation of the process vapours. This is why the vacuum pump also functions as a condenser, as condensation occurs when the mixture is fed into it and the volume is drastically reduced.

funcionamiento bomba de anillo líquido

Advantages of liquid ring pumps 

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are virtually isothermal, so they offer many advantages when pumping temperature-sensitive products such as polymers.

Another major advantage of liquid ring vacuum pumps is that the materials used in the components can be adapted to suit the pumped medium and can pump explosive or corrosive vapours and gases.

Explosive pumping materials are considered much less problematic than if other mechanical vacuum pumps were used, making liquid ring pumps perfect for work at relatively low temperatures.

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funcionamiento bomba de anillo líquido

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