What can we do to improve and optimize the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry?

At InoxMIM, we are specialists in the manufacture of industrial agitators of different types. We have a wealth of experience in the development of new equipment and systems. This is a factor that is a major guarantee if you need to invest in this type of machinery. Therefore, we can offer alternatives in the field of large industrial agitators for the pharmaceutical industry.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

Industrial agitators are a type of equipment that is used daily in many installations, as well as in liquid processing tanks and other vessels. The main function of these devices is to generate a rotary motion inside these vessels so that different physical processes can be implemented.

Some of the most common applications of these agitators can be to carry out the dissolution of a gas in a liquid, the combination of different mixable liquids, the diffusion, and separation of non-mixable liquids or the reduction of the size of accumulated particles.

Our most outstanding agitators for the pharmaceutical industry

Our equipment for this industry has always been designed with hygiene in mind, with surface and pharmaceutical finishes, which benefit from very low stringency. Their ability to work in pressure/vacuum and aseptic conditions, with full traceability of components, make them very technologically advanced equipment.

In fact, they have all the certificates about the corresponding materials, to comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard and other quality requirements. On the other hand, we offer tests and validations made by third parties, as may be required, to revalidate the quality of our equipment: FATs (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Welding X-ray or welding penetrant test).

MD and MDN vertical agitators

Vertical agitators are usually designed according to the type of application they are to be used for. In this case, the models with MD y MDN motors have been conceived to prepare reagents in tanks of a not giant volume. They are characterized by their basic, compact design and high performance without being too heavy. For this reason, they are ideal to be coupled to PEHD tanks. They are easy to maintain and very versatile thanks to the great interchangeability of their various components. Both the MD and the MDN can be used in solutions and for stirring mixtures.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

VAI, VSI, VDI and VSIN vertical agitators

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

These vertical agitators are ideal for the preparation of reagents, but they are also suitable for all types of requirements related to agitation and mixing. Their main characteristic is the reinforcement turret system that they incorporate, an element that can extend the life of the motor. On the other hand, their seal-guided system offers a high agitation capacity and gives the device resistance.

The maintenance of these types of agitators has been facilitated thanks to the simplicity of their components and the coupling of the shaft. For this reason, they are usually used in the food and cosmetics industry, but they are very suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

TANDEM vertical agitators

This is a device that allows the installation of various sealing systems. Thus, these agitators are characterized by a wide range of uses, and by offering a high agitation capacity, thanks to all the configurations of their driving elements. As a result, TANDEM agitators are perfectly adapted to any system. They are not only used in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in many other sectors.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

LMDS lateral mixers

Lateral mixers are ideal for process applications involving continuous mixing, heat or mass transfer, or the suspension of solids. In this case, the LMDS, due to its configuration and size, is ideal for the homogenization of medium-sized tanks.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

It is an agitator that has a sealing system with a mechanical seal, which allows it to increase the mixing capacity. Thus, it can be considered a high-performance agitator, very useful for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for the food and chemical industry.

LECOR and LMRE lateral agitators

The LECOR and LMRE models are the most suitable for mixing the contents of medium and large volume tanks. Thanks to their careful design, they allow a very high degree of homogenization. For this reason, they can be widely used in various industries.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

EMF bottom emulsifiers

Another option that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry is the EMF bottom emulsifier, which meets all the requirements for dispersion and emulsification processes, as well as for homogenization and grinding.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

These emulsifiers are usually installed at the bottom of the tank. This way, they can offer a very fast dissolution of the heaviest particles of the product to be treated. The turbine, by its rotation, exerts a suction effect that allows the product to be sucked towards the centre of the head. This type of emulsifier also has different types of heads, which can be slotted, perforated or sieved. This allows it to always generate the most suitable particle size to ensure that the mixtures are homogeneous, and the emulsions are as stable as possible.

Blender EMTB

This unit is a solid/liquid blender and offers features that are ideally suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry, but is also widely used in the cosmetics and food industries. It has an optimized impeller design and can produce homogeneous mixtures of granular and powder products with a base liquid. Thus, it can be used in the production of syrups, for example.

agitadores industriales grandes para la industria farmacéutica

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