Innovation at InoxMIM is the reason why we are one of the leading companies of our sector in the country.

Innovation by InoxMIM in the cosmetic industry

The cosmetic industry is in constant evolution.  Social changes, new routines and day to day demands affect consumers and generate new aesthetic needs.  InoxMIM constantly works innovating because we look to offer personalised technological solutions.  We work for companies in the sector that need to optimise their processes and machinery in order to best adapt themselves to the new demands of the market.  

New styles of living cause the consumer to have less time and suffer greater stress.  This generates an opportunity for the development of anti-pollution cosmetics, those that combat signs of ageing and multi-functional ones.

To do this we work together with the implantation and development of equipment that combines agitation, emulsion and pumping in compact systems.  This equipment can work under pressure or vacuum. It can also regulate the temperature of the process and even program the different formulations if required.

Digitalisation and new technologies

The current importance of the digital world and its direct link to users is a determining factor when coming to design any commercial strategy. The strategies based on the use of cosmetic products, and above all based on hyper-personalisation, are a good example. At a digital level we look to offer a more intelligent product that can be adapted to the real and measurable necessities of users.

innovación InoxMIM equipos industria cosmética

As well as the technologies that permit personalisation of the product, technologies also exist which improve the client’s experience and generate distinct  results depending upon the consumer (wearable products.)

Innovation at InoxMIM bears these tendencies in mind daily.  The objective is to always improve the functional aspects of the plants to elaborate products and the  specialised manufacturing processes for hygienic, personal care and beauty products.

The InoxMIM promise

InoxMIM aims to support manufacturers with the inclusion of reformulated products using differentiating ingredients through technological innovation, and with the goal to triumph in the cosmetic market of the future.  

With InoxMIM’s Engineering and Design service we bring continuous improvements to our products in order to optimise mixing, dissolving, and pumping processes of these new products.  To do this a fluid, direct communication is required as well as a great sense of understanding of the needs of our clients.

In this way we can offer direct attention and technical counselling for development in the hygiene, personal care, cosmetic and beauty industries.  Within these sectors the products are very diverse; for example gels, shampoos, dyes, conditioners, moisturising and facial regenerating creams, serums, sun creams, etc….

As a result of this we manufacture complex systems for agitation, mixing and emulsions, selecting the best design every time to guarantee a correct process.  

InoxMIM Innovation in the food industry

The food industry evolves constantly and technology plays an important role in this sector.  The scientific and technical advances today permit food and beverages to be produced that better adapt to the demands of consumers.  Adapting has to be made in a secure manner, with more ecological and efficient production processes, covering the demands of global markets.  

We work constantly innovating at InoxMIM to improve processes for the elaboration and production of sauces.  We propose solutions for this process with equipment that combines the cooking, homogenisation and texture required by the market tendencies.  With our equipment the product is treated with great care. We also integrate cleaning and hygiene processes using CIP systems.

Additionally we work to improve the elaboration of dairy products and their derivatives.  In the following image you can see a skid for the preparation of iced-cream mix with its corresponding pasteurising unit.  This system combines shear-mixing, agitation, pumping and our solutions for pasteurising.

In the EU very important steps in innovation in food quality and safety are being taken.  Proof of these are the numerous initiatives that are being developed in this field:

  • Projects related to enriched foods.
  • Projects to improve the control of products destined to be alimentary.

Initiatives in the food industry

Every one of these initiatives is based upon one or various technologies.  Some of these are:

  • Microencapsulation to improve protection of the principle active ingredients. 
  • Artificial vision technologies which permit optimisation of the packaging control process.

In the particular case of the food industry a revolution is underway through the digitalisation of processes that as a result is going to give greater efficiency and flexibility in:

  • The manufacture of food. 
  • Activities related to the chain of values.
  • The control of food quality and safety.

Our products comply with the real necessities of the market, digitalisation and the optimisation of products at a production level.  We help our clients meet production objectives because we implicate ourselves with the innovation and being always up to date.

Innovation at InoxMIM is a fundamental pillar of the day to day business at our company which defines the route of our evolution.

Since its beginnings in 1997 INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery.  Our systems for pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid processing have been able to satisfy perfectly the needs of our clients all these years.  

Constant innovation and development permits INOXMIM to provide complete solutions in the majority of processes satisfying in this way the most demanding requirements of the industry.  

We are professionals with a long trajectory and proven experience which endorses us.