Machinery for the food and cosmetics industries

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we at InoxMIM have become the manufacturers of reference of industrial machinery for the food and cosmetic industries.

We manufacture a wide range of machinery that provide solutions for the handling and mixing of fluids in the vast majority of industrial, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications.

From reactors for the manufacture of cosmetic products, to industrial agitators, we offer you a wide variety of products for industrial processes.

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Manufacturers of food processing machinery

Looking for manufacturers of industrial machinery for companies operating in the food sector?  If so, InoxMIM is the best option for you. We have the very latest technology on the market to provide efficient and quality solutions for your industrial engineering processes.

Our engineering department works with state-of-the-art software and management systems, using parametric and fluid simulation programs to guarantee the best solution.

Looking for equipment for the production of purées, soups, creams, drinks or for the manufacture of dairy products? Check out our machinery and contact our team for a no-obligation quote.

Food industry machinery

Sauce-making machinery

Equipment for the production of juices, sauces, purées, drinks and soups.

Agitación y mezcla

CIP equipment

Dairy products manufacturing equipment

Manufacturers of industrial machinery for the treatment of milk and derivatives.

Agitación y mezcla

Self-powered electrical pasteurisation equipment

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Manufacturers of industrial machinery for the cosmetics industry

We have a wide range of machinery for the cosmetics industry specially designed to provide solutions to multiple engineering processes. From product manufacturing plants for shampoos or gels to 3D equipment for cosmetics, we can offer you the machinery you need.

We develop complex agitation, mixing and emulsion systems, selecting the best design to guarantee a high-standard process.

Machinery for the cosmetics industry

Agitación y mezcla

Mobile cladded reactor

Agitación y mezcla

Blender to mix solids and liquids

Need equipment for your industrial engineering processes? If so, InoxMIM are your trusted industrial machinery manufacturers. We develop customised turnkey projects based on customer specifications.

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