Complete reactors for the production of cosmetic creams, in an automated and safe way

Are you searching for a company specialized in the production of industrial machinery for making cosmetic creams and equipment for the industry and dedicated systems for your beauty products? Then you are in luck! InoxMIM is a Spanish company based in Porqueres, province of Girona, with 25 years of history. We are the right professional to meet your production needs, as we specialize in the design and construction of machines for small, medium and large companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, oenological and cleaning sectors.

industrial machinery for making cosmetic creams

InoxMIM: always at the forefront of the cosmetics industry

InoxMIM is a company with a solid track record and a wide Spanish and international clientele, with an undeniable presence in the European, Latin American, North African and Asian markets.

The cosmetics industry is constantly updating and changing to be able to offer its numerous users ever new, cutting-edge products, both from the point of view of the raw materials used, which are increasingly safer, and from the point of view of the appearance of the product, which must be innovative, competitive, and cutting-edge.

Moreover, a product such as cosmetics, which for centuries has been closely associated with the female gender, is today broadening its horizons and there are more and more developments and proposals for the male market.

Recently, the cosmetics industry has made great strides in addressing its environmental impact and choosing increasingly safer raw materials to guarantee products of ever higher quality. There has been a constant and continuous evolution of all technologies in the field of automation, plants and industrial machinery. Therefore, technological innovation becomes a real answer to the needs and requirements of your company and at InoxMIM we have the best solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Industrial machinery for making cosmetic creams: what we can offer you

industrial machinery for making cosmetic creams

In this context, InoxMIM leads the sector as a protagonist in this process of constant technological updating, proposing on the market systems, reactors, and equipment for the cosmetic industry built with quality and safety materials.

We develop complex agitation, mixing and emulsion systems, analysing the best process design suitable for your products, expectations, and scope to ensure the expected results and products of excellence: InoxMIM not only sells machines, but also considers the factors of consumption and mechanical performance suitable for each particular installation.

Our machinery for the cosmetics industry, as well as our agitation, mixing and emulsion systems, are characterized by both their quality and their technical complexity.  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector allows us to create equipment capable of working with overpressure or vacuum to obtain quality compounds without foreign agents, faults that cause lumps or bad smells.

Our mixing technology is suitable for processing cosmetic and personal care products, whether they are creams, gels, emulsions, shampoos, conditioners, or tinctures. Our industrial mixers for cosmetic production can work and process semi-solid or liquid products.

Cosmetic solutions for your company: compact and mobile reactors

Our mission does not end with the manufacturing of machines, compact and mobile reactors, but we consider performance, consumption and mechanical factors to draw the most suitable equation for each application.

 InoxMIM agitation and mixing equipment has different sealing solutions to guarantee a good seal, preventing leakage of product, gases or liquids, ensuring efficient, healthy and clean processing of inputs, all the result of years of research and experience that have been transferred through years of specialization in the sector.

The manufacturing processes of cosmetic, personal hygiene and beauty products require careful processes to arrive at the perfect product for the skin of your current and future customers.

They require a special delicacy and high-quality standards, for this reason, we have a specific technology development department for the agitation and mixing of cosmetic creams and emulsions, guaranteeing that your investment in InoxMIM’s industrial machinery will be a success story for your project and enterprise.

Get your industrial machinery for making cosmetic creams at InoxMIM

Rely on InoxMIM’s professionalism. We can show you how is the efficient and competitive production process for the cosmetic industry with a high quality-price ratio, able to satisfy and retain the customer.

If you are looking for customized machinery, we will carefully study the needs of your production plant to offer you a tailor-made solution. InoxMIM’s work and pride is to offer you a leap into the future in terms of productivity, process quality, work safety and efficiency.

If you would like to contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your needs or request a quotation, you can call us on +34 972 58 20 40. You can also email [email protected] or take a moment of your time to fill in our form, we will be delighted to assist you.