Manufacturers of industrial emulsifiers for different applications and sectors

Our extensive and broad experience as manufacturers of industrial emulsifiers allows us to always guarantee the best solution for each customer. Although here at InoxMIM our main focus is the field of vertical agitation, among the great variety of machines to choose from, we would like to talk about emulsifiers. In this article, we will describe the different types that you can find in our catalogue.

Based on our experience manufacturing industrial machinery and marketing emulsion systems for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food industry, we have designed three different varieties: vertical, inline or bottom entry. Which machine you should install will depend on the dimensions of the tank, the characteristics of the product and the production methodology used.

EM Vertical Emulsifier

Types of industrial emulsifiers

When there is no space in the bottom, the most advisable option is a vertical emulsifier. Think of smaller tanks, in which components that tend to precipitate aren’t added and that don’t require much complementary agitation. 

In our catalogue, you will find two types. One of them is the EM vertical emulsifier, which provides a high degree of shearing during emulsion and dispersion thanks to the design of the heads and turbines. These also allow you to maintain remarkable hygiene and speed up maintenance work. With the EM vertical emulsifier, just like the other mixers of this kind, you will obtain a completely homogeneous product without lumps in processes of medium (5000 litres) or small volume. It’s also useful for the upkeep of already homogenized products, preserving their properties.

Returning to the design, you can choose between a sieved, slotted or perforated head, according to the specific product and its requirements. This is how these devices are able to reduce the size of particles, eliminate agglomerations and quickly dissolve solids in liquids, producing homogeneity.

On the other hand, you will also find the vertical emulsifier EMV, developed for mixing difficult products, with a head that adapts to each application, improving its performance and optimizing the operating time. You can find this EMV vertical emulsifier with 1 stage or 2 (EMVT), both designs obtaining emulsions and dispersions that require a high degree of shearing. Likewise, these machines have the capacity to work with products of high viscosity (up to 20000 cP) achieving a very homogeneous result. In the same way, its sealing system allows the work to be carried out in non-atmospheric conditions (overpressure or vacuum) without the need for a cooled external mechanical closure. Like the previous vertical emulsifier, its design also allows you to maintain remarkable hygiene that, together with its simplicity, facilitates maintenance work.

EML / EMLT Inline emulsifiers

Another recommended option for when the tank barely has any space is the EML/EMLT in-line emulsifiers that can be used to work with recirculation: taking the product back to the reactor or as a final phase of packaging of the pre-packaged product. In addition, they provide a significant emulsion and pump the product, thanks to the innovative design of the heads and drive turbines.

On the other hand, they facilitate the use of multi-dented heads for shearing the product, along with minimizing production time, while obtaining a completely homogeneous result, without lumps or oxidation. Moreover, Inline emulsifiers are useful in the transfer and handling of already homogenized products, providing careful treatment and maintaining their properties.

Types of industrial emulsifiers

In the same way as vertical emulsifiers, its design allows you to maintain a high degree of hygiene and streamline maintenance work, while its head is selected according to the product and its requirements, and it can be sieved, slotted or perforated. In addition, as with the EMV model, in-line mixers allow homogenization in high viscosity products, with different densities or difficult to mix, avoiding phase separation.

Types of industrial emulsifiers

Bottom entry emulsifiers

Finally, in our catalogue, you will also find a device that favours the preparation, for example, of cosmetic products with a large amount of solids and viscosity. In InoxMIM, you can find a wide range of bottom entry emulsifiers, ideal for processes of product dispersion, emulsion, homogenization and grinding. 

These EMF bottom entry emulsifiers are installed at the bottom of the tank, allowing the rapid dissolution of heavier product particles. The rotation of the turbine allows the machine to vacuum what is necessary and suck the fluid towards the centre of the head where, thanks to the centrifugal force, it’s directed towards the outside. Once the space between the turbine and the stator is reached, the pressure of the product is raised and the grinding starts. Subsequently, when passing through the holes of the head, the high rotational speed generates a very high shear stress, resulting in the dispersion, emulsion and total homogenization of the mixture, constantly repeating this process.

These bottom emulsifiers can be supplemented with a pumping body (EMFL), allowing the same machine to be installed at the bottom to pump the product back into the tank, thus optimizing the mixing time. In addition, its smaller cleaning surface greatly simplifies sanitation tasks. Blades can also be incorporated to pre-shear solid products before they enter the rotor-stator and reduce the time it takes to prepare vegetable soups, smoothies, purees and sauces.

The characteristics that you have been able to observe in the three types of emulsifiers that we have in our catalogue make them essential in many sectors of the contemporary processing industry. 

In addition to all this information, on our website you can also find images that help you get a better idea of the benefits of having one of these emulsifiers.

In any case, aware of the significant investment involved in buying any of these machines, we are happy to answer any questions or provide advice. Simply contact our sales department by calling +34 972 58 20 40, send an email to [email protected] or fill out the relevant form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.