InoxMIM’s industrial emulsifying and mixing equipment

With our latest generation industrial mixers or Blenders, obtaining the perfect degree of homogenization of the powder or granular product, with a base liquid in its mixture, will become a simple, precise and fast operation. Thanks to the optimized design of the impeller and the suction system it is possible.

The base fluid is conveyed and pumped through the mixing chamber, generating the suction effect necessary for the solid particles to be incorporated into the base liquid, resulting in their dissolution. The regulating valve is then closed to ensure that the final result is a completely homogeneous mixture.

This specific system avoids, on the one hand, the wetting of the resulting product, and on the other hand, the caking of the powder, avoiding the appearance of agglomerations in the load.

Equipment suitable for the food, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industry 

EMTB industrial mixers have been designed for several specific applications:

  • Preparation of brines

  • Reconstitution of milk

  • Syrup production

  • Dissolving of bentonites, thickeners, sugars…

  • Incorporation of additives, thickeners, agrochemicals, lime, etc…

These tools are effortless to assemble and disassemble, they have a manual butterfly valve, a simple mechanical seal and stainless-steel coating for the motor. We are talking about the most advanced equipment on the market!

Complements and extras for InoxMIM industrial mixers 

These industrial mixers can be complemented with a wide variety of options, depending on what is required in each production line:

  • Valve with pneumatic actuator 

  • Ball valve

  • Level sensor

  • Double mechanical seal

  • Centrifugal feed pump

  • Positive displacement feed pump

  • Vibrators 

  • Control panel

  • Bedplate

For more information, just contact us and we will advise you on everything in our hands. We have the best specialists and industrial engineers to find the perfect solution or equipment for each application.

Emulsifiers developed by InoxMIM for the process industry

To continue with this post, we would like to show you all the types of emulsifiers that we have designed and have in our catalogue at your disposal.

mezclador industrial

First, we will highlight the vertical emulsifiers, of which we have two different models –EM and EMV-, in both cases designed to obtain a high degree of shearing, obtaining a completely homogeneous product without lumps, and preserving all its properties.

We are talking about equipment that is manufactured to reduce particle size, eliminate agglomerations and dissolve solids in a base liquid, achieving the best possible results. They have a high degree of customization, allowing us to adapt to the specific needs of your processes and applications.

We continue with the EMF bottom emulsifiers, designed to be installed at the bottom of the tank, to dissolve the heaviest particles in the mixture and the product.

They can offer a high degree of shear and have different heads — perforated, slotted or sieved — which allows them to achieve the desired particle size, resulting in very stable and homogeneous emulsions.

On the other hand, this type of emulsifiers can be used in joint systems and equipment that work by agitators with anchor-type propellers, for highly viscous products, or work on their own with low viscosity products.

mezclador industrial
mezclador industrial

Finally, we would like to finish with the so-called in-line emulsifiers, specifically the EML / EMLT models.

They are designed to pump the product through the heads and impeller turbines, offering truly homogeneous results, free of lumps and oxidation.

They require little maintenance and are effortless to clean, making them a safe and cost-effective investment for any contemporary production plant.

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We have the best specialists and industrial engineers to find the perfect solution or equipment for each application.

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