Peristaltic Foundry Pump FL – PH

INOXMIM has designed the Peristaltic Foundry Pump FL – PH with the goal of extending the range of application for these pumping systems. With its cast iron or stainless steel range, the FL-PH is capable of meeting the requirements of sectors such as water treatment, chemical and paper manufacturing, mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

It can handle products including sludge, cellulose pulp, slurries, sediments, carbonates, coarse coal refuse, mortar, concrete, fibre cement, dyes, colorants, glue, resins, detergents, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, paint, ink, enamel, pigment, fat, waste oil, milk, yogurt, juice, fruit pulp, jam, wine, mayonnaise, cream, gel, concentrates, latex, mercury, etc… This pump can work with such a wide variety of products, regardless of whether they are low, medium or high viscosity, because the only contact between the product and the pump is through the tubing, avoiding contact between mechanical parts and the fluid.

These pumping systems have been specifically designed to increase pumping capacity (flow and pressure), in addition to extending the life of the tubing material. This allows the FL-PH to offer high performance combined with great durability.

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