Factors to consider when choosing an industrial centrifugal pump 

To correctly choose the pump model that best suits the needs of each customer, it is necessary to analyse a series of fundamental aspects before acquiring the product. Everything is important when selecting the best option, and once our technicians have the necessary data, they will offer you the centrifugal pump that best meets your application. In this regard, it is essential to know the following beforehand:

  • Fluid: this is perhaps the most important parameter, as it depends on this that there are no wear or corrosion problems that could lead to unwanted breakdowns. The chemical composition of the fluid must be known in advance, as well as its viscosity or the presence of solid elements. The technology to be used will depend to a large extent on this factor.

  • Suction head: also called suction head, this is the vertical distance between the source of the liquid and the centrifugal pump.

  • Water mirror: this is the level of the liquid at its highest point from the source of the liquid.

  • Head: this is the vertical distance between the highest point of discharge of the liquid and the pump, and will be essential to know how much the pump has to draw in to deliver the fluid.

  • Stroke: this is the total distance the liquid has to travel through the piping.

  • Discharge flow rate: essential to determine the size of the industrial centrifugal pump according to the cubic metres/hour you want it to be able to handle.

  • Pipe diameter: it is essential to determine which diameter is suitable for the transport of the fluid to avoid unnecessary head losses.

  • Type of duct: the material it should be made of, generally stainless steel in industry or PVC or copper in service installations.

INOXMIM: specialists in the design and manufacture of industrial centrifugal pumps 

The intended use of the centrifugal pump will be decisive in the final choice. The most common is for pumping water and non-corrosive liquids, but their range of applications is expansive.

They are also used to increase the pressure in water rings, use in construction, excessive accumulation in ponds and irrigation on farms, to name just a few of the most common.

Through FLUIDMM, our exclusive department for the manufacture of industrial pumps, we develop a range of pumping equipment ranging from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps with a wide range of applications in industry.

We adapt to the needs of our customers by customizing pumping equipment with special features, integrating pumping and mixing, cleaning and filtration equipment, etc.

We take care of choosing the perfect solution to ensure the highest possible cost-effectiveness. As a highlight and to show our wide range of solutions, we present two types of pumps: FL and food grade models.

FL family centrifugal pumps

FL20C simplified centrifugal pump: compact size and high performance. It can provide up to 12 cubic metres per hour of flow with great results. It is an optimal pump for low viscosity fluids such as water, oil, wine, and glycols.

cómo escoger una bomba centrífuga industrial
cómo escoger una bomba centrífuga industrial

FL30CI industrial centrifugal pump: simple in terms of components, which makes it easy to maintain, this pump is perfect for transferring fluids related to the chemical, wine, and food industries.

Food centrifugal pumps 

FL50CI food/sanitary centrifugal pump: specially designed for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industry processes. The design and finish allows a very high degree of hygiene.

cómo escoger una bomba centrífuga industrial Barcelona
cómo escoger una bomba centrífuga industrial Catalunya

FLUID hygienic centrifugal pump: within the new FLUID pump range, this model has been designed to strictly comply with the EHEDG standard. Total guarantee of cleanability after SIP or CIP disinfection without the need for disassembly. The volume of flow it can provide is up to 100 cubic metres per hour, with high-performance and low consumption.

FL90CAI food centrifugal pumps: used in transfer processes in which it is not possible to suck in load. Designed for the food, wine and chemical industries. Its design allows its hygienic maintenance in a fast and efficient way.

cómo escoger una bomba centrífuga industrial España
Our industrial pumps strictly comply with ISO 9001 standards and are fully FDA, ATEX and CE certified. Expert industrial engineers and specialists in the field make up a team with more than 20 years’ experience. Specialization in pumping systems, industrial agitators and centrifugal pumps is the key to the knowledge and technology that makes INOXMIM a guarantee of professionalism.
If you would like to see the pump catalogue in greater detail, you can access the complete list on our website. You will be able to get a first-hand idea of our range and analyse the different options. We have manuals for all of them, with the technical characteristics and variants that exist within each one. However, if you have any queries, our department will be pleased to advise you. All you have to do is telephone 972 58 20 40, send an e-mail to inoxmim@inoxmim.com or fill in our contact form, and you will soon hear from our sales department.