A horizontal centrifugal pump is normally used in companies that transfer large quantities of industrial fluids.

InoxMIM has extensive experience in the R&D of pumping systems for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetics industries. 

We have a specialized department (FLUIDMIM), specifically in the development of industrial pumps.

operation of a horizontal centrifugal pump

We offer a wide range of pump models, not only centrifugal pumps, but also liquid ring, helicoidal, gear, progressive cavity, flexible impeller, peristaltic or lobe pumps. They all offer high-performance pumping solutions and are available in different sizes.

As a manufacturer of industrial machinery, we guarantee the quality of our pumps through ISO 9001 certification, in compliance with CE, FDA and ATEX standards.

Operation of a horizontal centrifugal pump

The basic principle of operation of a centrifugal pump is based on a fluid being pumped continuously from a suction nozzle, located in the centre of the impeller. In a radial direction, it flows to the edge of the impeller. Once drained, the flow moves to the casing.

The impeller blades, in turn, transmit acceleration, so that the liquid acquires energy. However, once it reaches the casing, the fluid slows down and the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy. All this is secured by an extremely tight seal in the lid.

Advantages and features of horizontal centrifugal pumps

Horizontal centrifugal pumps are made to work under really tough conditions and on a constant basis. In general, one of their main advantages is that they are cheaper than vertical pumps. They are also straightforward to maintain and install, and disassembly can be carried out without having to move the motor.

One of their main features is that the impeller is available in different sizes. As for the housing (body), it has a unique suction nozzle. In addition, the cover makes it easy to remove the impeller by easily removing the clamp that connects the housing and the cover (lantern).

Applications and performance of a horizontal centrifugal pump

Outside industry, horizontal centrifugal pumps are mainly used in the field of desalination, irrigation, drinking water supply, water treatment plants, air conditioning and heating installations, fire-fighting equipment, etc.

As for the efficiency of a horizontal centrifugal pump, to find out the coefficient, the hydraulic power must be divided by the power supplied to the pump shaft. In this way, the percentage of power transmitted to the fluid regarding the total is obtained. The formula is usually used:

η = P / Peb

operation of a horizontal centrifugal pump

Our centrifugal pumps

As you can see, we have different models that allow us to adapt without problems to all the current applications of the industries we work with. 

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