What do we mean by a reactor?

In the world of reactor manufacturers and the industrial manufacturing of both cosmetic and food products, special equipment is used for the agitation or mixing of solids and liquids.  Its main structure consists of a tank with agitation and/or emulsion system, where a series of chemical reactions take place that enable the serial production of sauces, juices, beauty products, shampoos etc.

InoxMIM, one of the leading reactor manufacturers in Spain

In recent years, InoxMIM has positioned itself as one of the leading reactor manufacturers throughout the country. We design specific equipment for the industrial production of food and cosmetics. Reactors are one of our specialties, as we manufacture them according to the needs or processes of each of our clients, and they are therefore made-to-measure. Typically, the reactors are equipped with TANDEM (anti-rotation agitation) systems and EMF background emulsifiers, which work under pressure and vacuum.

In addition, we manufacture them in “Skid” or “plug and play” format, which facilitate both transport and assembly in the corresponding facilities.

We have designed and commissioned a multitude of compact plants for the processing of cosmetic and food products.

These types of plants and reactors such as those in the video, are for the manufacture of personal hygiene products, especially gels, shampoos and other kinds of soaps. These types of plants usually have storage tanks for raw materials with their corresponding pumping system for delivery to the reactor, which is usually prepared for EMF-based emulsion and has a recirculation and transfer system using FL60ERB positive pumps. Once the product is manufactured, it is sent through a Manifold discharge system to a maintenance tank with a GFL agitator or to the packaging line.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you?

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Since its humble beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has always been heavily involved in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid delivery systems that we manufacture have enabled us to meet the needs of our customers on a continual basis.

Through constant innovation and development, INOXMIM is able to provide complete solutions for most processes, whilst satisfying the most demanding industry requirements.

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