What is a cosmetic product manufacturing plant?

A cosmetics manufacturing plant is a space fitted out with the latest equipment, specifically for the industrial manufacture of hygiene or beauty products: shampoos, lipstick, nail polish, gels, body lotions and so on.

In Spain, in order to be able to manufacture, package, label and store these types of product, you have to obtain an operating licence from the Sub-Directorate General of Health Care Products. To obtain this licence, very specific requirements must be met and fees must be paid.

What stipulations need to be complied with to start manufacturing cosmetics?

  • The company must have the appropriate facilities and equipment for the manufacture, control and preservation of cosmetics.

  • It is vitally important to have a responsible technician on staff with the relevant official university qualification, specific to the functions performed on a daily basis.

  • Lastly, there must be sufficient personnel on hand who are qualified to carry out the manufacture, control and distribution of cosmetic products.

planta de elaboración de productos cosméticos

Once all the formalities have been completed on your end, it is the Sub-Directorate General for Health Care Products that analyses all the documentation presented and makes the pertinent inspections.  If all is well, a license is granted that certifies that the company in question is authorised to start operations at a cosmetic product manufacturing plant and meets all the legal requirements.

Can InoxMIM help you with your cosmetic product manufacturing plant?

Most definitely. We can help you at each step of the way. If you need technical advice, put yourself in contact with us and our team of specialised engineers will analyse your case in detail. We manufacture a wide variety of agitation and emulsion systems to make oil-based cosmetics including the most complex formulations that are prepared under pressure and vacuum, whether in small tanks or large reactors.

If you have questions about the legal aspects, we know the regulations and laws inside out. If you have doubts about the design of your cosmetic products manufacturing plant, let us know your concerns and we will look to for a solution.

We have been helping companies to professionalise their industrial processes for many years and we really know what we are doing.

Since its humble beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has always been heavily involved in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid delivery systems that we manufacture have enabled us to meet the needs of our customers on a continual basis.

Through constant innovation and development, INOXMIM is able to provide complete solutions for most processes, whilst satisfying the most demanding industry requirements.

We are your ideal professional partner with a long history and a vast amount of experience.