Within any industrial infrastructure, keeping your system in optimal condition also means investing in cleaning systems that can keep any impurities or waste away from the final product. In this sense, a CIP cleaning equipment (Clean in Place) is an unmissable need.

Therefore, to learn more about the particularities and applications of CIP cleaning equipment, from InoxMIM, we present the following information about it.

What is a CIP cleaning equipment, and how does it work?

The acronym CIP means nothing more than cleaning on site, which means that it is an automatic washing system that guarantees the functionality and preservation of the industrial equipment after each process elaborated. This is essential for any industrial sector, since it eliminates any impurities that may compromise the product to be produced. However, this is even more delicate for the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries, since their production batches are focused directly on human consumption, making it a little more delicate than the rest.

CIP cleaning equipment

Connected to the main system, CIP cleaning teams carry out an exhaustive task of recirculating cleaning solutions through all the integrated mechanisms of the industry, such as pipes, tanks, valves, or pumps. With this in mind, at InoxMIM we understand that cleaning also depends on other elements that, consequently, refer to the efficiency of cleaning in the original location. For example, the time, temperature, detergent to be used, and the mechanical factor are the fundamental aspects to consider in all CIP equipment to prevent impurities and remains of past batches from being anchored to the system.

How are CIP cleaning equipment composed?

CIP cleaning equipment

Generally, CIP cleaning equipment is connected directly to the main machinery so that it can have a more efficient response whenever it is required. Despite this, CIP mechanisms go far beyond the solutions employed to safeguard the integrity of industrial infrastructure. 

Significantly, a CIP equipment has not only piped to propel detergent and other elements that are essential for cleaning, but also consists of storage and distribution tanks for solutions of different types.

For example, it is common to find in a CIP system a tank dedicated to clean water, another to acids, and so on. This, with the purpose of delimiting these materials and that they are not combined in a single site before cleaning, which guarantees that they can work properly when required by eliminating the different types of dirt. 

In InoxMIM we design these CIP cleaning systems, in a way that they can fit perfectly to your industry, so, beyond the usual components, we plan based on the parts and mechanisms that are most liked by our customers. This allows the organic and mineral remains that can accumulate in the main machinery to be managed in a more efficient way, thus compromising the subsequent production batches and generating a headache for companies. 

The aforementioned organic wastes are those products of the elaboration of food, medicines or cosmetic products that require fats or proteins, while in the mineral section, the accumulation, and solidification of magnesium, calcium, and other common elements in these industrial sectors is more common.

Why is a CIP cleaning team so important within the industrial complex?

The cleaning factor is fundamental in the sense that, without impurities or foreign compounds added in the final product, it will be of higher quality. Considering that the production of this type requires that a series of guidelines or procedures be met that ensure quality, it is not surprising that CIP cleaning equipment is so well valued in the sector. 

Cleanliness is, in and of itself, a guarantee that the product adapts to the quality standards referred to in the international and national guidelines of the industry. In the case of InoxMIM, we have had these needs to provide a complete service of design and installation of CIP cleaning equipment, since we conceive that neatness leads to a more optimal result in every way.

With this in mind, from our company, we invite you to consult our catalogue and what we have to offer. Whether for the pharmaceutical or food industry, it must have an appropriate CIP cleaning team that allows it to develop while being governed by the health and quality statutes. 

CIP cleaning equipment

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