EML/EMLT Inline Emulsifier

EML inline mixers provide high emulsion grades and are able to pump the product thanks to their slotted head and propeller design. These mixers achieve a completely homogenised, lump-free product and prevent oxidation. With the careful treatment they provide, are highly recommended for handling and decanting already homogenised products, thanks to their ability to maintain the properties of the product whilst pumping. EML mixers are designed for optimal hygiene and straightforward maintenance. The head configuration changes in accordance with the kind of product and its requirements, with sieved, slotted and perforated configurations available.

EMLT inline mixers have multi-slotted heads designed specifically for each application, given the influence of the different products on the performance of the equipment. EMLT mixers can provide the highest levels of homogenisation in products with high viscosity, distant densities or which are difficult to mix, avoiding phase separation.

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