Since our foundation in 1997, INOXMIM has been greatly involved in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. By producing systems for fluid handling, mixing, agitation and pumps, we have satisfied the needs of our clients over the years 

INOXMIM tirelessly innovates and develops integral process solutions that fulfil the most demanding requirements of any industry. Furthermore, having worked decades in the pump and agitation sector, the INOXMIM Technical Department staff uses their ample experience and knowledge to guarantee product quality.

Our presence within the European, Latin-American, North African and Asian markets ensures that we produce quality products while striving to improve them. For this reason, in 2011, we decided to establish a more direct service to the South American continent by opening INOXMIM Ltda. in Chile which is supported by our global distributors.

INOXMIM’s wide product range combined with these factors allows us to provide solutions to the large majority of industrial, food-processing, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.