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What is a centrifugal pump and how does it work?

2019-04-18T14:01:19+00:00 Categories: blog, Pumps|Tags: , |

Would you like to find out how a centrifugal pump works? At InoxMIM we have been developing and manufacturing industrial machinery for more than 20 years.  We specialise in pumping equipment, from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps, and we [...]

The CFIA trade show returns to Rennes, an important appointment for InoxMIM.

2019-05-02T09:29:41+00:00 Categories: blog, Fairs and Events|Tags: , , , , |

The CFIA trade show returns to Rennes, an important appointment for InoxMIM. What does the CFIA trade fair involve? The CFIA fair (Carrefour des Fournisseurs de l’Industrie Agroalimentaire) is the reference event in Europe for the sector of [...]

Kalekoi and InoxMIM Group, the perfect synergy

2019-01-22T12:55:43+00:00 Categories: blog, Innovation|Tags: , , , |

The Kalekoi Dairy is using a pasteurizing unit, skimming-machine and pumps from InoxMIM. Kalekoi & InoxMIM the origin of the collaboration In 1974 some farmers in Galicia, an area located in the North-west of the Iberian Peninsula, focused their [...]

Solid-liquid blender mixing equipment for soluble products.

2018-11-29T08:46:08+00:00 Categories: blog, Pumps|Tags: , |

InoxMIM blender solid-liquid mixing equipment, the best for the production of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. In the manufacture of food-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical products there are innumerable applications that require the incorporation of a large [...]

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