What is a tank agitator?

Tank agitators are machines that enable us to mix various components together within an industrial process. Their role can be maintenance, homogenisation, dispersion, dilution or heat exchange.

Hence, they can be used to obtain different types of products:

  • Products for the pharmaceutical industry

  • All types of paints and materials

  • Laundry detergents, cleaning solutions.

  • Any product requiring a chemical reaction

  • Brines, bentonites, pectins, thickeners, etc.

  • Vegetable soups, mayonnaise, sauces, gazpachos

  • Juices made from concentrate, reconstituted milk

Tank Agitators
Tank Agitator Manufacturers

How to tank agitators work?

Their operation is very simple: basically they agitate and combine low or high density solids and liquids that require homogenisation when they rotate. In the case of liquid agitators, we can find both fixed and portable versions.

Tank Agitator Manufacturers

Tank agitators speed

Tank agitators can reach different speeds depending on the function to be carried out. If low viscosity liquids are to be mixed, the constant effort required is much lower. On the other hand, to disperse liquids of high to medium viscosity, the effort must be greater. In this case, several thousand RPM can be used to achieve this.

Fixed or portable tank agitators

In the case of agitators for liquids, we can find fixed or portable agitators. This is defined according to the way of fixing by means of direct anchoring to the tank or to an external support, which can be mobile or not.

Tank Agitators

Main types of tank agitators according to their drive system

  • Portable agitators with a pneumatic or electric motor

  • Laboratory agitators

  • Vertical agitators with direct electric or pneumatic motor

  • Vertical agitators with geared motor

  • Lateral agitators with direct motor

  • Lateral agitators with geared motor

AGITIM, our agitation and mixing department

At InoxMIM we have an agitation and mixing department: AGITMIM. It is dedicated exclusively to choosing the type of impeller, sealing system and drive for your agitator. This will guarantee you a greater industrial performance, at the lowest possible price. And that’s not all, if you have any problems at any stage of the process, this department will take care of resolving it as soon as possible for your full and complete satisfaction.

¿Por qué elegir InoxMIM?

We always like to provide you with the machinery that best matches your requirements, without losing sight of the innovation and constant improvements in this market. At InoxMIM we are committed to values ​​such as technical quality, perfection and excellence in the industrial processes and we want you to see this at all times. All of our agitators are of a high added value and offer guaranteed results.

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Tank Agitators

In the photo you can see a variety of the most popular impeller models that we manufacture. With one of them, or by combining several of them together, we provide the level of agitation required for each of the applications that we specialise in.

If you are thinking about updating your company’s production or agitation system, don’t hesitate any longer. We are what you are looking for. We won’t stop until we solve all of your problems or requirements.

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Since its beginnings in 1997, INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and manufacture of industrial machinery. The pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid handling systems manufactured have allowed us to satisfy the needs of our customers over the years.

Constant innovation and development allow INOXMIM to provide complete solutions in most processes, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements in the industry.

We are professionals with a long history and experience behind us.