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What is the difference between a centrifugal pump and a peripheral pump?

2021-11-18T11:52:45+01:00October 10th, 2021|Categories: blog|

When you have to make an investment in industrial machinery, it is advisable to have all the factors under control and the doubts resolved beforehand. This allows you to make a conscious choice as to which product is best suited [...]

What are the components of a centrifugal pump and how to identify them?

2021-10-05T16:19:46+02:00September 10th, 2021|Categories: blog|

Manufacturers of centrifugal pumps for the process industry  At InoxMIM you will find one of the leading manufacturers of centrifugal pumps with extensive and extensive experience in the R&D of new and improved pumping systems for the food, pharmaceutical, [...]

What is the assembly process of an industrial agitator like?

2021-09-27T11:06:58+02:00August 20th, 2021|Categories: Agitators, blog|

Industrial agitators are commonly used in installations where there are tanks or process tanks for liquids and where a rotary movement inside the vessel is required for the implementation of various physical processes. They are used in mixing [...]

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