InoxMIM blender solid-liquid mixing equipment, the best for the production of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

mezclador sólido-liquido Blender INOXMIM

In the manufacture of food-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical products there are innumerable applications that require the incorporation of a large quantity of solids, whether either in powder form or granulated, into a liquid base that could be water, milk, juice, glycerine, amongst others.

It is in these types of processes where equipment for mixing solids into liquids, commonly called Blenders, is best used due to their high capacity to dissolve the solids into liquids, either in-line or under recirculation.

Their basic working principle lies in the high velocity of circulation through the diffusor which generates a Venturi effect, with the consequent suction of the solids from the hopper.

Once incorporated these are mixed thoroughly producing dissolution, and by means of recirculating we achieve a completely homogenous mixture.


mezclador sólido-liquido Blender INOXMIM

This system of incorporation of solids avoids damp or caking of the powders, or other operational problems such as blockages appearing during the loading process.  Blenders can even be used for the incorporation of liquids.

<<< For a better understanding the following video shows the internal workings of the equipment

The incorporation of solids can be manually made or the equipment can be coupled to Big-Bag unloading systems.  Additionally they can work with various products consecutively over the same fluid base as you can see in the following video>>

Their simplicity as well as their high efficiency make the EMTB mixers an indispensable tool in these sectors.

In what applications is the use of blenders solid-liquid mixing equipment more common? 

As mentioned earlier a great variety of applications exist for this type of equipment.
The main ones are:
• Preparation of brine solutions
• Reconstitution of milk, cacao, concentrates, etc.
• Production of syrups
• Dissolving bentonite, thickeners, sugars, etc.
• Incorporation of additives, hydrolysed peptides, agri-chemical products, lime, etc.

mezclador sólido-liquido Blender INOXMIM

When is it advisable to use one of the blender solid-liquid mixing equipment? 

When the process to make our product requires we add more than 50kg/h of solids to a volume of liquid of 1 m3 minimum the dissolution inside the tank stops being effective operationally as well as slowing down the speed of incorporation.

InoxMIM experience

The systems for mixing solids-liquids have been since the beginning one of our best-selling products and one in which we have spent more time in the optimisation and evolution of the design.  Proof of this is the large number of models available as well as different options which can be incorporated into standardised systems – in other words  their design permits personalisation and adaptation to our clients’ production characteristics.

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From its beginnings in 1997 INOXMIM has been strongly linked to the development and fabrication of industrial machinery. The systems manufactured for pumping, agitation, mixing and fluid handling have been able to satisfy the needs of our clients throughout all these years.

Constant innovation and development allow INOXMIM to provide complete solutions for the majority of processes, satisfying in this way the most demanding requirements within the industry.

We are professionals with a long trajectory and experience which endorse us.