InoxMIM provides the most advanced industrial equipment in the market for dairy product preparation

InoxMIM supplies equipment and designs industrial facilities for making dairy products such as yoghurts, creams, cheeses, smoothies, desserts, etc….These are fully automated and will significantly increase production and enhance food safety to meet industry standards.

We are always looking for the best possible solution using our state-of-the-art management systems and software, through which our technical team guarantees equipment effectiveness, reliability and efficiency. We don’t like mistakes, that’s why we make our test facilities available for scale tests so that we can study product feasibility before taking any definite steps or making any decisions.

What dairy processing equipment can we provide for you?

Elaboración de alimentos pasteurizados
  • Reception and sanitation rooms

  • Heating and cooling treatments

  • Homogenisers

  • Skimming and standardisation

  • Dairy fermenters

  • CIP cleaning stations

  • Process control

One of our specialities is the manufacture and design of special machinery for pasteurised food industrial production using the HTST-HIGH Temperature Short Time system. We can provide autonomous electrical equipment, heating and cooling systems, to work with both small and large quantities of any liquid… The possibilities are endless.

equipo de pasteurización de alimentos

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We know that the world of industrial engineering is complicated and is likely to create certain doubts, either because of technical aspects or because of how substantial the investments will be. Be assured that with InoxMIM, you have a team of skilled engineers and technicians at your service. Contact us through our website or by calling (+34) 972 58 20 40. Choosing InoxMIM means choosing guaranteed success, professionalism, talent and efficiency. Don’t forget that!