Steps to follow to correctly choose a centrifugal pump

At InoxMIM you will find a company specialising in the design and manufacture of industrial pumps. In this post we will provide a brief analysis of all of the factors that should be taken into account so you don’t make a mistake when you decide to make an investment of buying a centrifugal pump.

You should always choose the model or type according to very clear parameters that we will explain below, as well as the use that the pump must fulfil.

How to choose a centrifugal pump
  • Pressure

    It is worth identifying the total length of the discharge circuit and bear in mind that if a discharge pump is installed, this can alter the pressure of the whole circuit.

  • Discharge height

    In this case, with “discharge height”, we are referring to the distance between the pump and the end of the discharge pipe of the pump system.

  • Load losses

    The last, but by no means least important, is knowing where what are known as load losses are.  In other words, all those objects within the circuit that can alter the pumping process in any way, such as, for example, bends or valves.

  • Suction height

    Suction height is the term used to refer to the distance between the start of the suction tube and the centrifugal pump. If it exceeds ten metres, we always advise choosing or considering the use of a submersible pump.

  • Flow

    The flow is one of the most important parameters in terms of choosing the size of the centrifugal pump. There are several ways of indicating this: m³ per hour, litres per second or gallons per minute.

  • Temperature

    The temperature always depends on the characteristics and features of the casing of the pump.

  • Type of fluid

    It is of the utmost importance to fully identify and know the properties of the fluid that the machine has to pump, in order to avoid problems with corrosion that end up developing into a deterioration or malfunctioning of the pump. We advise that you are clear about the chemical composition of the fluid or other aspects such as its viscosity, potential solid particles….from the very beginning; knowing this in detail will enable us to choose the technology that will guarantee you the best results and performance.

Being clear about these parameters will help you to choose and find the most suitable centrifugal pump, with the best performance and suited to your budget.

FLUIDMIM is our specialist department that will advise you about how to choose a centrifugal pump, until we find the most suitable model

FLUIDMIM is our section of the company that takes care of choosing the industrial pump or pump system for each transfer or process, which guarantees the highest performance and the optimisation of costs for each application, within the different sectors we usually work with, food, pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetics.

How to choose a centrifugal pump

Furthermore, all of our pumps strictly comply with ISO 9001 and with the CE, FDA, ATEX and 3A certification requirements, according to each model and application.

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