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Screw pump with by-pass


The FL--ERBY pumps are mainly used in the wine sector for filling up barrels, transfers, bottling and filtration. They offer a strong pumping performance and careful treatment in the transferring and handling of the solids in suspension.


  • Manual version (Mechanical variator)
  • Automatic version (Frequency converter)
  • Wheelbarrow made in SS with swivelling wheels and brakes
  • By-pass with over-pressure valve
  • Connections DIN 11851
  • With the different types of panel: 10 m of wire and 16A connector
  • Level of finish: Foodstuff


  • Zones in contact with the product SS AISI 316
  • Nitrile stator and gasket
  • Mechanical seal C/C/N


  • Panel CE
  • Switch - inverter
  • Liquid presence probes
  • Other connections: SMS, Macon, Garolla, etc.
  • Mechanical seal S/S/V
  • Remote control
  • Drainage valve