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Centrifugal pumps with helical impeller


Thanks to their helical impeller design, FL--CH pumps provide high pumping performance and careful treatment of fluids with mixed solids.

These pumps are used mainly in the pumping process in the wine sector. However, they are also used in the foodstuff industry to transfer olives, chickpeas, beans, etc. or liquids with solids in suspension.

Moreover, thanks to their high pumping capacity and their careful treatment during the transfer and handling of dairy products, they are also used to pump yoghurt, milk, cheese, curd, etc. 


  • Level of finish: Foodstuff
  • High performance helical impeller
  • DIN 11851 connections
  • Joining clamp


  • Parts in contact with the product in SS AISI 316
  • Clamp, tripod and cover in SS AISI 304
  • Nitrile gaskets
  • Mechanical seal SS/G/NBR


  • Control panel
  • Motor cover
  • Mechanical seal S/S/V
  • Dual mechanical seal
  • Trolley, platform
  • Tripod
  • Flushing of mechanical seal
  • Other connections: SMS, Garolla, BSP, CLAMP, etc.
  • Level of finish: Sanitary / Foodstuff with Ra < 0.8 µm