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Liquid ring pump


FL--AL liquid ring pumps have been designed for transferring and handling clean fluids and fluids without any suspended solid particles. This kind of self-priming, reversible pump can work with a wide range of products and fields, such as the wine and oil industries (wines, must, vinegar and olive oil), dairy products industry (milk, whey, etc.) and chemical industry (acids, solvents, detergents, inks, etc.).


  • DIN 11851 connections
  • Level of finish: Food grade
  • Hygienic seal


  • Parts in contact with the fluid in SS AISI 316
  • NBR gaskets
  • Mechanical seal C/C/N


  • Other connections: BSP, SMS, GAROLLA, MACON, etc.
  • Control panel
  • Mechanical seal S/S/V
  • Viton gaskets
  • Trolley, Platform