Complete pilot plants

When it comes to small-scale testing before massive production it is not always easy to scale-up properly the essays carried on with a pilot plant to a production unit. To solve this problematic, INOXMIMGRUP altogether with our client’s technical departments designs and manufactures pilot plants with the adequate scale for small testing but with the robustness and R&D tools of a production unit.

On the reactor it is installed an agitation system than maintains and premixes the different products before they are emulsified and homogenized passing by the in-line mixer. Those two units coupled permit obtaining a completely homogenized mixture even-though in more complex formulations. Additionally counter-rotating agitation systems or emulsifying systems can be implemented depending on each application characteristics.


  • 25 to 50 Litres
  • SS AISI 316L
  • Temperature control
  • Product Dosing
  • pH control
  • Agitation
  • Pressure/vacuum control
  • Mixer - In line mixer / or recirculation pump
  • Control panel with PLC screen
  • Manual control or 100% automatic
  • Heating/Cooling jacket