Centrifugal pump with sanitary design

The new range of FLUID centrifugal pumps has been developed for the transfer of all types of products in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. 

Its internal design has been developed with particular attention to geometry in order to obtain a unit with a very high degree of hygiene levels that meets the requirements of EHEDG regulations. All this allows the pumps in this range to be used with a guarantee of total cleanliness after undergoing a CIP or SIP cleaning and disinfecting process, without disassembly. 

The FLUIDMIM technical department has developed a high-efficiency impeller design using computational design software and 3D printing that allows it to provide flow rates of up to 100 m3/h with high performance and lower power consumption. The characteristics of the new impellers can reduce the NPSH required, lowering the risk of cavitation and improving safety during operation. 

FLUID pumps are optionally equipped with a balanced single internal mechanical seal that is easy to assemble and offers a sanitary design while being EHEDG standards-compliant. 

The motors used to drive the FLUID pump range comply with IEC standards both in terms of energy efficiency and in terms of its configuration with B5 flanges and B3 foot mounts.

All this means that the FLUID pumps are efficient pumping units that offer high performance and guarantee a very high level of sanitation.


  • Final finish level: Sanitary
  • High-performance semi-open impeller
  • Sanitary mechanical seal
  • Simplicity of parts
  • DIN 11851 connections
  • EHEDG standards-compliant (FLUID-E)


  • Impeller, body and flange made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Lantern ring, feet and cover in AISI 304L stainless steel
  • EPDM gaskets


  • Other connections: DIN 11861, GAS, CLAMP, SMS, etc.
  • Seals available in nitrile, Viton and other materials
  • Contact surfaces: Tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, etc.
  • Sanitary mechanical seal, EHEDG standards-compliant (FLUID-E)
  • Double mechanical seal cooled by thermosyphon
  • Sanitary surface finish with Ra
  • Body with heating chamber
  • Control box
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Motor available with different voltages, frequencies and protections
  • Motor for explosive atmospheres or increased safety
  • Drainage
  • Feet and motor cover
  • Base plate, trolley