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Simplified centrifugal pump


The FL20C centrifugal pump is well known for its small size and high performance. Despite their small size, these pumps can provide flows up to 12 m3/h with good outcomes.  FL20C pumps can be used in transferring and handling applications of low viscosity products such as water, oils, glycols and wines.  


  • Level of finish: Industrial
  • Material: SS AISI 316
  • 0.37kW motor at 3000 turnovers per minute   
  • 0.25kW motor at 1500 turnovers per minute   
  • Impeller: ø90 Half-open impeller   
  • Suction / Discharge: 1” / ¾” BSP   


  • Motor covering
  • Other connections: DIN 11851, CLAMP, SMS, etc.
  • Platform, trolley