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Waterproof agitator

The operation principle of the waterproof agitator is based on a gearbox coupled with a propeller, which rotates and drives the fluid trough the vessel allowing the solid particles to remain suspended. These agitators are usually installed with a rail to facilitate supervision and maintenance tasks.

LFR waterproof agitators are the most suitable and reliable solution for a wide range of applications in the agitation field.


  • Ponds homogenization
  • Nitrifying/denitrifying ponds
  • Channel agitation
  • Chlorination ponds
  • Sludge retention tanks
  • Equalization tanks
  • pH stabilization tanks
  • Heat exchanging
  • Cooling tanks
  • Prevention against icing



  • Waterproof geared motor IP68
  • High performance, encapsulated and watertight motor.
  • Twin-blade propeller with good hydraulic performance manufactured in SS AISI 316L
  • Mechanical sealing
  • Material: grey GG-50 casting + SS AISI 420
  • Permanent lubricated bearings for extended working life.


  • Guided support in SS + plastic anti-seizing up bearings
  • Guided mast in SS
  • Manual/automatic elevation system
  • Stabilization deflector ring with hydrodynamic design