AIR 02

Aeration systems

AIR 02 aeration systems provide the homogenisation and oxygenation required in treatment plants for all types of wastewater and in applications which require aeration (aerated ponds, lagoons, etc.). The characteristics of these systems mean the oxygen required can be provided at low operating and investment cost.

AIR 02 equipment is characterised by its high oxygen dissolution capacity, which is achieved by injecting fresh air into the pond to be treated. The oxygen is mixed with the product which is sucked up by Venturi effect from the pond, which is then returned to the pond with a higher degree of oxygenation. This system achieves small and medium-sized bubbles to facilitate the dissolution of the oxygen. Increased recirculation leaves a lower amount of organic matter which can oxidise, making the process more efficient and satisfying the oxygen demands of the system.

This aeration method brings large energy and water savings. 

It should be emphasised that this equipment is designed for easy assembly and dismounting of components, meaning cleaning tasks can be carried out without emptying the pond. Moreover, the impulsion of the fluid generates a high level of homogenisation, thus preventing the formation of anaerobic regions in the vessel or pond and the sedimentation of the suspended particles.


  • Pond homogenisation
  • Pond nitrification
  • Channel agitation
  • Sludge retention vessels
  • Equalisation vessels
  • pH stabilisation vessels
  • Cooling vessels



  • Waterproof, ultraquiet operation
  • High-performance motor, completely sealtight
  • Hardened, reinforced vortex impellers
  • Dual mechanical sealing
  • Material: Grey cast iron GG-25 + stainless steel AISI 316


  • Single channel, bi-channel and tri-channel systems to order
  • Suction tube with chimney filter and lifting hook
  • Special structural platform in accordance with installation
  • Thermal sensors