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Portable mixers

SMN pneumatic mixers are designed for optimum agitating of drums and small vessels.

SMN agitators are practical, easy to clean and efficient, and are also lightweight and highly portable thanks to their compact size. Portable mixers are widely used in paint preparation, dissolution of bentonite, suspension of spices, homogenisation of wine and distilled drinks, and agitating of drums in the chemical, food and cosmetics industries.



SMN 0.37-2000/110



  • Pneumatic motor 0.37kW 6 bar 90 PSI
  • Start-up: Interior regulation sliding clutch finger
  • Air consumption (l/min): 250
  • Air input: ¼”
  • Air output: bottom
  • Torque (Nw-m): 2-5.4
  • Acoustic power (DBA): 75
  • Rpm: adjustable with the finger pressure
  • MARINE propeller with stabiliser ring


  • Propeller, stabiliser ring and shaft in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Graphite and PTFE lower guide 


  • Silencer
  • VORTEX propeller, PLE foldaway propeller
  • Portable trolley with roll-in hose for agitator
  • Other materials
  • Other powers
  • Electrical power supply
  • Battery power supply (SME)


* Adjustable dimensions according to application requirements