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Direct-drive agitators with IEC mounting

MD and MDN direct motor vertical agitators are designed to prepare reagents in small volume vessels. The main characteristics of these agitators is that they are basic, very compact and lightweight but with high performance, making them ideal to attach directly on HDPE vessels. 

The connection system between the motor and the shaft using a coupling sleeve makes maintenance tasks easier. The interchangeability of the agitating components makes these units highly versatile and adaptable to different agitating requirements. The MD and MDN units can be used to make dilutions, dissolutions, homogenisations and agitations of mixes thanks to the high turning speed of the impeller. 

MD and MDN agitators are used mainly in water treatment, and can also be found in the food industry.


  • IEC Motor flange
  • Direct motor
  • Simplicity of parts
  • Easy assembly/dismounting
  • MARINE propeller
  • Interchangeability of agitator components


  • Shaft/propeller material stainless steel AISI 316


  • Other materials
  • Control panel
  • Pneumatic motor (MDN agitator)
  • V-ring sealing
  • Other types of propeller
  • Propeller and shaft cover
  • Manual/automatic elevation system
  • Polyethylene tank
  • Casing