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Direct-drive side-entry agitators with guiding turret

INOXMIM has designed LMDS side agitators with a compact size and a configuration which allows vessels with small and medium volumes to be homogenised. The simplicity of the parts, along with the mechanical sealing system, allows these agitators to achieve optimum mixing in a large variety of applications. For these reasons, LMDS are economical, high-performance agitators.

LMDS lateral agitators are used in the food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and water treatment industry. Some examples of applications are:

  • Agitating and homogenising mixes
  • Maintaining products/reagents
  • Homogenisation of the mix for heat exchange
  • Heavy particle suspension



  • LMDS 0.25
  • LMDS 0.37
  • LMDS 0.55
  • LMDS 0.75
  • LMDS 0.37 R.



  • DN50 DIN 2576 Anchor flange
  • Direct motor and geared motor
  • Single mechanical seal C/C/N
  • Interchangeability of agitator components
  • Easy assembly/dismounting
  • Simplicity of parts


  • Parts in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Parts not in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI 304, carbon steel and others


  • Control panel
  • Double mechanical seal
  • Speed variator
  • Other materials
  • Motor cover