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Vertical mixer

EMV -- -- 1 stage and EMVT -- -- 2 stages mixers have been designed to obtain emulsions and dispersions which require a high degree of shearing. The functions of these systems mean they can work with high viscosity products (up to 20,000 cP) and obtain a completely homogenous result.

The sealing system allows work to be carried out in non-atmospheric conditions (overpressure and/or vacuum) without using a cooled external mechanical seal. The design of the headpiece and the rotor ensures a high degree of sanitisation which, together with the simplicity of the parts, makes maintenance easier.

EMVT -- -- mixers have been developed for products which are difficult to mix, since the headpiece design adapts to each application, improving performance and optimising operating time. 


The rotation of the impeller generates a radial impulsion of the product towards the headpiece slots, resulting in shearing and crushing. Once the product passes the stator orifices, it is projected and dispersed towards the mix, resulting in fluid circulation inside the vessel. Thus, as the product is dispersed, new material is introduced in the headpiece to produce a completely homogeneous mix. 

It is important to emphasise that the circulation rate generated can dissolve large amounts of powder and is highly suitable for the chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the EMV mixer applications are:

  • Mixing of mayonnaise, creams, sauces, etc.
  • Dissolving of sugars, salts, resins, gases, etc.
  • Homogenisation of bulk containers (IBCs)
  • Dissolving of powders, gums, thickeners, etc.



  • EMV(T) 0.55 – 50
  • EMV(T) 1.5 – 150
  • EMV(T) 2.2 – 250
  • EMV(T) 4 – 500
  • EMV(T) 7.5 – 1.500
  • EMV(T) 11 – 2500
  • EMV(T) 18.5 – 7000



  • DIN 2576 Anchor flange
  • IEC Motor flange
  • Adjustable headpiece and turbine design
  • Easy assembly/dismounting
  • Single mechanical seal
  • High degree of hygiene


  • The parts in contact with the product are made from AISI 316L 


  • Control panel
  • Frequency variator
  • Manual/automatic elevation system
  • Other connections
  • Other materials: Hastelloy, AISI 904L, etc.
  • Motor cover