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Solid-liquid mixer

EMTB solid-liquid mixers, with the optimised design of the blade and suction system, produce completely homogenised mixtures of powders or granulated products with liquids. The simplicity of the parts and the connections system facilitate maintenance tasks and ensure highly hygienic operation conditions. 

The main fluid is pumped and carried through the mixing chamber, creating the suction required in order to add the solid, which is mixed violently to produce dissolution. Once all the powder is added, the regulation valve is closed and, after several circulations, a completely homogenised mixture is obtained. This solid incorporation system prevents product moistening, thickening and solidification, thus avoiding any operation problems resulting from the appearance of agglomerations in the load.

EMTB performance makes them ideal for working in the foodstuff, cosmetic and pharmaceutics industries.  Some examples of operations where EMTB mixers are used are as follows: 

  • Brine preparation
  • Reconstitution of powdered milk
  • Syrup production
  • Dissolution of bentonite, thickeners, sugar, etc.
  • Incorporation of preservatives, additives, agrochemical products, lime, etc.



  • EMTB 2.2 - 3000
  • EMTB 4 - 3000
  • EMTB 7.5 - 3000



  • Single mechanical seal S/S/EPDM
  • Level of finish: Industrial / Foodstuff
  • High hygiene degree
  • Quick dismantling with clamp connections
  • Manual butterfly valve
  • External protection against environmental oxidation


  • The parts in contact with the product are made from polished stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Platform and cover in AISI 304
  • EPDM gaskets


  • Pneumatic actuator valve
  • Ball valve
  • Level probes
  • Gaskets in other materials
  • Dual mechanical seal
  • Centrifugal feeder pump
  • Positive displacement feeder pump
  • Vibrators
  • Control panel
  • Trolley, platform